ASTRA Play Award Finalist - Eco

Cutlery Set #6250, #6251, #6252

Type: Cutlery Set
Color - Ruby Red/Sand

Get ready to dig in with Dantoy's sustainable Cutlery Set from the Tiny BIOplastic range! This fantastic trio of knife, fork, and spoon is here to make every meal an adventure while boosting your child's mealtime confidence with fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Designed with little hands in mind, this ergonomic set is just the right size for your budding foodie to grasp and conquer. As they learn to eat with cutlery, these utensils become their trusty sidekicks, helping them develop their fine motor skills and coordination one bite at a time.

Mix and match this Cutlery Set with other pieces from the Tiny BIOplastic range to create a kaleidoscope of colors and extra pieces for every dining occasion. It's like adding a sprinkle of creativity to your table setting, making every meal an opportunity for discovery and excitement.

This Cutlery Set is built to last, just like the memories you'll create around the table. It's a reliable companion that can join your little one from their very first meal. 

  • Made in Denmark
  • Recycled plastic
  • Contains no toxins
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Nordic Swan Ecolabel
  • Recommended for children aged 0+ months
  • Number of pieces included in the set: 6
  • Product Dimensions: 6.3" L
  • Product Weight: 0.25 lbs