ASTRA Play Award Finalist - Eco

Construction Vehicle Set #5627

Get ready for some heavy-duty fun with the Construction Vehicle Set! This awesome set includes a bulldozer and a truck, both in cool, natural colors. These sturdy vehicles are designed to fit perfectly in small hands, with their round shapes and delightful textures that are satisfying to touch. They're perfect for playtime adventures both indoors and outdoors.

Imagine the excitement as you take control of the bulldozer, pushing and clearing your way through the sandbox or even conquering water puddles. The truck is ready to join in on the action, hauling and transporting all sorts of imaginary cargo. 

So get ready to rev up your imagination, grab hold of the Construction Vehicle Set, and let the adventures begin! Whether you're on a construction site, exploring uncharted territories, or creating your very own transportation empire, these vehicles are here to help you conquer any playtime challenge. It's time to let your imagination soar and have a wheel-y awesome time!

  • Made in Denmark
  • Recycled plastic
  • Contains no toxins
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Nordic Swan Ecolabel
  • Recommended for children aged 2+ years
  • Number of pieces in the set: 2
  • Product Dimensions: 13.6" L x 7.5" W x 6.9" H
  • Product Weight: 1.10 lbs